Prospective Student Application


Please fill out the form below or download the Student Application Here,

and email to fax to 513-793-6072.
Please make sure to indicate for each child, which school year and grade levels he/she will be entering.


The enrollment committee will review the application then schedule an interview. The interview will take place at the school, where a meeting with the Principal or Assistant Principal will explain the goals and culture of the school. After the meeting, you will receive a tour of the classrooms (and a meeting with the teacher) and facilities.  If the applicant has been accepted you will receive  correspondence via phone, email and /or mailed letter. If the applicant has not been accepted, a letter explaining the reasons why will be sent. If the denial was previous grade based/test scores, we encourage you to spend the year to increase the grades/test scores and then reapply.

While we would love to be able to accept all students who apply, it is not possible as the desired range of teacher: student ratios must be kept in order to maintain the highest quality and speed of learning targeted.