Mission and Goals


UMA’s Mission

To nurture children who not only excel in traditional academics, but will acquire skills in leadership, organization, languages, cultural understanding and citizenship all from an Islamic perspective.


UMA’s Objectives:

  1. Create an Islamic environment where the students learn Islamic traditions and practices such as daily prayer, recitation of daily dua, hajj rituals, fasting, charity and more.
  2. Establish a highly vigorous interdisciplinary curriculum by incorporating Montessori principles and traditional teaching methods.
  3. Teach and train the students to have a strong knowledge of Seerah, Tafseer, Aqhida, and the Fiqh sciences.
  4. Teach fluency in English and Arabic.
  5. Encourage understanding and care for the environment.
  6. Promote diversity, world-connectedness, and awareness of global and local issues.


UMA’s Vision

To produce students who will have the foundation to pursue careers in any field. Whether as scholars of Islam or academia, they will benefit themselves, their families, friends, communities and all humankind. They will be shining examples of what bright, polite, reliable Muslims should be.