We consider tuition an investment in the future, not a commodity to seek for the lowest price. This approach, we believe, creates a school community that is more diverse and inclusive, more educationally enriching and more rewarding to all involved. Tuition alone does not cover the actual cost of educating a child at UMA. We rely on fundraising efforts to bridge the gap between tuition revenue and operating costs. (Therefore, we ask families who are able to make an additional, tax-deductible contributions of $3,000 per student to do so.)

  1. Students living in Ohio will be eligible to apply for the EdChoice scholarship program for next year and get a scholarship for each child when qualified.
  2. The EdChoice scholarship amount is $6166 for grades K-8 which will be deducted from the assigned tuition for each class starting from K.G class.
  3. There is a 10% discount given to each subsequent child after the first. Contingent upon acceptance to the Academy, as well as income verification.

2024-2025 Tuition per child per year:

Children’s House (Ages 3-4) $6,500

kindergarten (Ages 5-6) $7,600

Elementary/Middle (Ages 6-12) $ 7,600

  Additional Fees:

$125 Application Fee  -Per student  -New Students Only

$50 Enrollment Fee  -Per family

$35 Financial Assistance Application Fee  -Per family

$75 Testing and Technology Fee-Per student-All grade levels

Testing Fee $75 Kindergarten and up

Book and Material Fees

$125 Children’s House (Ages 3-6)

$150 Lower Elementary (Ages 6-9)

Tuition Payment
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Please be advised there is a 3% service charge for using PayPal for your tuition payments.

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